Due to variations among shoe styles and measurement systems of manufacturers, we have created this page to assist you to maximize the fitness while purchasing shoes online.


Our shoes are manufactured in European and Australian size. if not a size chart will be provided specifically as an attachment in the item page.


We suggest the following steps:


  1. To start with selecting the size you normally wear namely your Australian size or European size (if you know);
  2. To measure your foot lenght;
  3. Measure foot length
  4. check your foot length in reference to the length given in the size chart.
  5. Allow for length is approx. 0.5cm longer than your measured foot length. For example, if my foot is 22.7cm I would go for size of 23cm or 23.5 but not 22.5cm nor 24cm.
  6. Also to compare the size of smililar style your may already have.
  7. A wide foot? Consider to go for one size up.
  8. Also be aware of Pointy toe shoes will look longer than usual.


If you are still unsure, feel free to contact our Customer Care.

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